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The best quality

We are dedicated to providing high quality, fresh meat diets for your pet and canine athlete.
Canines evolved as carnivores. To feed your dog a diet as close to what nature intended you need to provide them with meat. High meat diets increase vigor and stamina, are more palatable, and help maintain good hydration; while decreasing the actual volume of food consumed.
Champaine Race Diet is a high energy diet that has proven itself by feeding the winning teams of major sled dog events, including Iditarod, World + Open North American Championships and European Alpirod Championships.
We offer a wide selection of fresh frozen balanced meat diets, as well as beef, chicken, lamb, liver and tripe.

Customer satisfaction

We take great pride in standing behind the quality of the products we sell.
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the quality of our products, we have a full refund or exchange policy.


We are commited to staying in touch with the needs of our customers and providing high quality feed for their dogs.